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Macau is gambling center. However, since the gambling revenue decreased continuously in recent years, it
is a consensus to transform Macau into a city of tourism. As there are only a few scenic spots in Macau,
Macau Celebrity Wax Museum & Golden Macau 3D Art Museum is built in the background.

Macau Celebrity Wax Museum & Golden Macau 3D Art Museum is located in the Square of Ruins of St.
Paul's. The museum has four floors, with a exhibition area of more than 1800 square meters. It is one of
the wax museums with most exhibits in Greater China, as there are more than seventy 3D artworks and
ninety wax sculptures.

The characteristic attractions include:
1. The rooftop of the museum is the best place to take photos of Ruins of St. Paul's;
2. There is a golden statue of Guanyin with a height of 3.2 meters to worship and ask for blessings on the rooftop;
3. Visiting the love house and hanging the “locks of love” are romantic.

While Ruins of St. Paul's is a must-see scenic spot in Macau, our museum becomes a new attraction.

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